Junkosha Leak Detection System

Leak Detection System for Water/Acid/Alkaline Solution

Early leak detection is essential in various industrial fields for minimizing serious accidents, environmental pollution, and loss of precious fuel resources that leaking fluid can cause.
Junkosha uses the advanced processing technologies we’ve developed over many years to manufacture leak detection systems with sensors using fluoropolymers with outstanding weathering resistance, chemical resistance, and water resistance.


- Leak detection systems for conductive liquids.
- Sensors at potential leak points detect water, acid, alkaline solutions, and inorganic solutions.
- Our systems can also detect some conductive organic solvents.


- Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
- Air conditioners
- Vending machines
- Water coolers
- Computer rooms
- Important data rooms
Sensor ShapeFlat TypeFlat TypeRound TypePlanar Type
Electrode MaterialStainlessNickelNickel PlatingNickel
Insulation MaterialFluoropolymerPolyesterPolyethyleneFluoropolymer
Glass Epoxy (Substrate Material)
FeaturesHigh Insulation and Corrosion ResistanceStandard Product
(for General Water)
Good ReturnHigh Insulation
Standard DimensionsWide 6.5mm x Thickness 1.0mmWide 6.5mm x Thickness 1.0mmOuter Diameter 4.0mmWide 85mm x Depth 120mm

List of Detections by Chemicals (Leakage: 1-2 ml)

Concentration(wt%)Whether detection is possible
Sulfuric Acid96☆☆☆
Sulfuric Acid89☆☆☆
Sulfuric Acid + Hydrogen Peroxide96~30☆☆☆
Sulfuric Acid + Hydrogen Peroxide3:1☆☆☆
Hydrofluoric Acid50☆☆☆
Ammonia Fluoride Water40☆☆☆
Hydrofluoric Acid + Aqueous Ammonium Fluoride1:1☆☆☆
Hydrofluoric Acid + Nitric Acid + Acetic Acid-☆☆☆
Nitric Acid96☆☆☆
Phosphoric Acid85☆☆☆
Phosphoric Acid + Nitric Acid + Acetic Acid + Water-☆☆☆
Hydrochloric Acid35☆☆☆
Hydrogen Peroxide Solution30☆☆☆
Ammonia Water28☆☆☆
Sodium Hydroxide-☆☆☆
Potassium Hydroxide-☆☆☆
Sodium Carbonate-☆☆☆
Pure Water-☆☆☆
Ethyl Alcohol100☆☆
Methyl Alcohol100☆☆
Isopropyl Alcohol100☆☆☆
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