Junkosha Multi-Core Cable and Assembly

Fluoropolymer Multi-Core Cable and Assembly

A round cable with multiple hookup wires stranded together, then shielded and covered with protective material.
A fine, light, and flexible cable used mainly for wiring inside and between equipment.
Can also be assembled with various connectors for connection with equipment.


- Good electrical and mechanical properties.
- Fine, light, and flexible cables.
- Hookup wires with plated/annealed copper core conductors are resistant to high temperatures and have good solder resistance.


- Internal equipment wiring
- Between equipment wiring
- Input/output cable and communication cable
Fluoropolymer Multi-Core Cable
Center ConductorTA
Insulator MaterialETFE
Shield StructureUnshielded or Braided Shield

TA: Tin-plated annealed copper wire

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Permissible Wire/Cable Tension

The following shows the permissible tensions of cables and wires for internal wiring or external interconnection of electronic equipment during wiring or installation. A load within the permissible tension range generates no permanent strain, and changes in dimension or rises in conductor resistance are negligible.
Permissible tension is calculated by adding all of the cross sections of the wire/cable conductors and multiplying the sum by a constant.

Maximum permissible tension (N) = conductor specific constant (MPa) x total cross section of conductor (㎟)
Total cross section of conductor (㎟)= wires under tension x conductor cross section (㎟)

Permissible Tension Constants

MaterialApprox. Fracture Load (MPa)Conductor Specific Constant (MPa)
Annealed Copper for Electrical Use, Oxygen-Free Annealed Copper275 or less71
Copper Alloy, Copper-Clad Steel Wire (Soft)343 or more115*
Aluminium190 or less39

TA: Tin-plated annealed copper wire

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