Case Study Two: Space Development

PEEK Wire clears the rigorous durability testing for the International Space Station module “Kibo”


We believe that the way to preserve and grow our customer relationships is to continually innovate with an eye on the future while addressing unmet needs. By bringing new technology to bear on challenging customer applications, we remain at the cutting edge of the industries in which we operate.

Artificial satellites enable us to stay in contact with friends and family all over the globe. They also improve the accuracy of measuring and forecasting the weather on earth, enabling us to monitor and protect ecology such as the Amazon rainforest and anticipate natural disasters such as typhoons and floods. Junkosha is equipping scientists with the tools to enable a better future for all of us.

Ultimate Reliability and Durability

Space is a hostile environment; extreme cold and scorching temperatures mean that spacecraft has to be tough enough to withstand ultraviolet and cosmic radiation. As rockets and satellites are loaded with heavier more advanced equipment, Junkosha continues to innovate to make crucial weight reductions in wires and cables. For every kilogram added, the cost to the mission is estimated at $10,000. To put this in perspective, Junkosha’s technology can save approximately 20% of the weight of wires and cables in a typical broadcasting satellite. This means a combined saving of 100kgs and $1 million per spacecraft – allowing for greater capabilities on each mission.

Success in Space Starts on The Ground

To replicate success in space, Junkosha stress-tested PEEK wires for two years where materials were exposed to like-for-like conditions. After successful testing, the International Space Station granted Junkosha permission to continue testing on the Space Station module, Kibo.

Despite rigorous and long-term testing aboard Kibo, Junkosha’s technology surpassed all forecasted expectations. Subsequently, engineers have become more ambitious and believe that future development of space-oriented products with even higher reliability is possible.

Junkosha remains dedicated to innovation. The pursuit for the next technology innovations to satisfy customer demand pre-emptively keeps us challenging and pushing the boundaries of technology.