Junkosha Wire

PEEK Insulated Wire

An electric wire with excellent heat resistance, radiation resistance, high mechanical properties, chemical resistance and light weight.


- Lightweight wire with superior heat durability, radiation resistance, mechanical properties and chemical resistance


- Applications in harsh environments such as nuclear power plants and spaceflight applications
PEEK Electric Wire
Insulator MaterialPEEK
Conductor MaterialNA
Maximum Continuous Operating TemperatureNA:260℃

NA: Nickel-plated annealed copper wire, SA: Silver-plated annealed copper wire

Comparison of Basic Characteristics between PEEK and Fluoropolymer (PTFE)

UnitPEEKFluoropolymer PTFE
Specific Gravity-1.32.12~2.20
Melting Point343255~327
Glass Transition Point14375~130
Continuous Operating Temperature260200~260
Thermal ConductivityW/m℃0.290.19~0.23
Volume ResistivityΩcm10¹⁶10¹⁸
Dielectric Constant-3.22.1
Tensile StrengthMPa10014~34
Compression StrengthMPa12012~17
Flexural ModulusGPa4.20.55~0.82
Tensile ModulusGPa3.70.34~0.55
Wear Resistance-ExcellentGood
Reset Switch Resistance-ExcellentGood
Radiation ResistanceRAD10⁹10⁴
UV Resistance-ExcellentExcellent
Chemical Resistance-Good *Excellent
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