Junkosha Wire

Fluoropolymer Ultra-Fine Wire

Ultra-fine wire is narrow-diameter wire covered with thin fluoropolymer PTFE insulation.


- Wire with ultra-thin PTFE insulation
- Excellent heat and cold resistance enables use in environments from -250°C to +200°C
- Excellent electrical properties
- Excellent chemical resistance protects against most chemical agents and solvents


- Lead wiring in compact electronic components and interconnects inside micro precision equipment such as medical devices, etc.
- Auxiliary wiring for printed circuit boards
- Coil winding wire
Ultra-Fine Wire
Insulating MaterialPTFE
Conductor MaterialSA
Conductor TypeSolid Conductor
The Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature200℃
Color of WireBlack, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, White

SA: Silver-plated annealed copper wire

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