Junkosha Wire

Fluoropolymer Flexible Wire

Flexible wire uses porous PTFE insulation for added flexibility while retaining many of the properties of PTFE wire.


- The same electrical properties, temperature properties, weathering performance, chemical resistance and flame resistance, etc. as PTFE wire
- Maintain original flexibility in a wide temperature range
- No plasticizers or fillers, meaning virtually no hardening over time or harmful gas emissions
- Use very flexible, oxygen-free stranded conductors


- Wiring requiring flexibility
- Wiring for sealed equipment such as relays preventing contact contamination caused by harmful gas emissions, etc.
Insulating MaterialEPTFE
Conductor MaterialTO
Conductor TypeFlexible Stranded Oxygen-Free Copper Conductor
AWM Style No.(*)16845146
Color of WireRed, Green, Blue, Gray, WhiteWhite

TO: Tin-plated oxygen-free electrolytic copper (*)If you require a UL recognized label, please specify it when ordering.

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