Junkosha Wire

Fluoropolymer Wrapping Wire

Fluoropolymer Wrapping Wire is broadly used for wiring in computers for its fine diameter and high cut-through resistance. This product contributes to miniaturizing devices and weight reduction and improving reliability of the system. ETFE insulation realizes the excellent electrical and mechanical properties.
Optimized wires for CSMW (Cut and Strip Modified Wire Wrap) are available.


- Suitable for equipment densification
- ETFE wrapping wire perfectly balances electrical properties and mechanical properties such as cut-through resistance and is ideal for mounting work
- CSMW is designed to be used with CSMW tools while retaining the standard ETFE wrapping wire properties


- Wiring for transmission control units, numerical control units and computer peripherals, etc.
Wrapping Wire
ETFE Wrapping
Wire for CSMW
ETFE Wrapping
Twisted Pair Cable
ETFE Wrapping
Overcoated Stranded Wire
ETFE Wrapping
Overcoated Stranded Wire
Conductor MaterialTATATATCTC
Conductor TypeSolid ConductorStranded ConductorSolid ConductorSolid ConductorSolid Conductor
Number of Wires11212
The Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature150℃
Color of WireBlack, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, White

TA: Tin-plated annealed copper wire, TC: Tin-plated overcoated stranded wire

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