Junkosha Multi-Core Cable and Assembly

Cable and Assembly for Ultrasound Echo Probe

The probe and the workstation are connected using multiple ultra-fine coaxial cables, with the exact number dependent on the number of devices.
In order to meet the growing demand for high quality images and improved accuracy of diagnoses, cables must become smaller in volume in order to achieve the high-quality transmission that is required. In addition, the cables have to be very flexible and stress free for operators.
At Junkosha, we have used our fluoropolymer microcellular foam technology to develop cables with smaller capacitance and smaller diameters.
With our technology in combining multi-core cables, hundreds of ultra-fine coaxial cables are twisted together for higher bendability, improved flexibility, and smaller overall diameter.
As ultrasound technology advances to more accurate diagnoses with higher resolution imaging, ultimately the number of signal lines running inside these probe cables must increase to support more advanced probes. However, adding more signal lines and cable bundles can increase the overall outer diameter of the probe cable which can cause poor mechanical performance.
Through utilizing the high-density assembly technology we have accumulated over many years, we are able to connect cables to circuit boards in-house, which helps to streamline our customers’ manufacturing processes and improves work-ability.


- Ultra-fine and highly durable
- Very flexible and stress free for operators


- Probe cable for ultrasound diagnostic system
- Ultrasound non-destructive testing system

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