Junkosha Multi-Core Cable and Assembly

Multi-Channel Transmission Cable and Assembly 

In recent years, highly specialized ultrasonic probes deployed inside the human body cavity have been used to diagnose organs and blood vessels that are difficult to diagnose using more traditional ultrasonic probes used on the surface of the body. Due to the need to tackle the body’s expansive and complex vasculature, smaller delivery devices and probe units are required. Junkosha has developed a new multi-channel transmission cable to replace existing coaxial and FPC subassemblies and offer improved signal integrity, mechanical flexibility and space savings.


- Thinner - Since our multi-channel transmission cable structure is thinner than the outer diameter of a standard coaxial cable, the number of signal lines can be increased in a smaller/identical footprint
- Signal Quality - Since the signal quality is equivalent to that of a coaxial cable, this product can be easily integrated into existing designs and can improve the overall signal quality of a system through advanced coupling technology
- Flexible - Since our multi-channel transmission cable is flexible and allows for improved movement of a delivery system when compared to more traditional constructs, it is ideal for internal diagnostic applications
- Process Friendly - A simplified and centralized cable structure can reduce device assembly man-hours and improve assembly yields and quality, thus lowering total overhead manufacturing costs
- Subassembly Service - Junkosha can offer various subassembly and value-add services to further streamline manufacturing needs and processes


- Intracardiac Echocardiogram (ICE)
- Ultrasound Endoscopy
- Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS)
- Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE)
Conductor SizeMulti-Channel Transmission Cable
Outer Diameter at 64CH
General Coaxial Cable
Outer Diameter at 64CH
Reduction Ratio
AWG#441.61 mm2.38 mm32%
AWG#461.40 mm1.90 mm26%
AWG#481.16 mm1.56 mm26%
AWG#500.98 mm1.22 mm20%

AWG50 Coax vs. AWG48 MCT [Case Study: Lumen I.D. for Cable: 1.25mm​]

Smaller Dimension and Greater Transmission Property ​
In this case study, a transmission line for a 64ch ultrasound probe must pass through the cable lumen of a catheter with an inner diameter of 1.25mm.
For a Coax cable, the best choice utilizes AWG 50 conductors and has a 1.22mm outer diameter. A similar performing AWG 50 Junkosha MCT cable is much smaller than the Coax cable, with an outer diameter of 0.98mm.
However, a Junkosha MCT cable with AWG 48 conductors offers improved signal transmission characteristics and an outer diameter of 1.16mm, which is still smaller than the AWG 50 Coax cable. This results in both improved ultrasound image quality as well as an improved catheter assembly process.
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