Junkosha Multi-Core Cable and Assembly

Space Qualified Cable

With excellent heat durability and low-outgassing properties, as well as flexibility and electrical properties which can handle high frequencies, this cable offers outstanding waveform qualities for differential transmission.


- JAXA Qualified as space-use common parts (JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
- Excellent low-outgassing properties
- Flexible and features superb electrical properties for use as a superior differential transmission cable


- Differential transmission cables for use in space
Temperature Range (℃)
Characteristic Impedance (Ω)100±6
Maximum Continuous Working Voltage (Vrms)200
Propagation Delay Time4.3 nsec/m >
Propagation Delay Time Difference0.08 nsec/m >
Radiation Resistance10 kGy
Capacitance (Cond/Cond)45 pF/m >45 pF/m  >45 pF/m  >45 pF/m  >50 pF/m  >
Capacitance (Cond/Shield)79 pF/m  >79 pF/m  >79 pF/m  >79 pF/m  >90 pF/m  >
Attenuation (100 MHz)0.22 dB/m  >0.24 dB/m  >0.26 dB/m  >0.37 dB/m  >0.43 dB/m  >

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