Junkosha Multi-Core Cable and Assembly

Ultra-Fine Thermocouple

With the increased use of temperature monitoring catheters, the need for Ultra-Fine Thermocouples is growing.
The thermocouples’ structure is increasingly simplified compared to conventional thermistors and can be easily downsized. They can also be used for attaching multi-point thermal sensors to catheter assemblies.
Few companies can manufacture thermocouples thinner than 40 AWG.
Junkosha has successfully commercialized polymer-coated thermocouples smaller than 50 AWG.


- Great reliability, faster reactivity and improved responsiveness for measurements.
- Excellent thermoelectromotive force
- Conductor range: smaller size which can be used from 40 AWG to 50+ AWG
- Compact thermocouple that allows for flexible catheter designs
- Class 1 quality: temperature tolerance +/-0.5°C
- Types of thermocouple: Type-T (copper-constantan) Type-K (chromel-alumel)
- Materials options: PU, PAI, nylon, PI, PFA, etc. (biocompatible materials)


- Ablation catheters
- Esophageal temperature monitoring systems
Conductor SizeAWG # 40 ~ 50 or moreAWG # 40 ~ 50 or more
InsulatorPU, PAI, Nylon, PI, PFA, etc.
(Biocompatible material can be selected)
PU, PAI, Nylon, PI, PFA, etc.
(Biocompatible material can be selected)
Classification of ToleranceClass 1 Equivalent (within ± 0.5 ℃)Class 1 Equivalent (within ± 0.5 ℃)
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