Junkosha Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable for High-Speed Signal Transmission

Coaxial cable suited to high-speed signal transmission with controlled electrical properties, including characteristic impedance.
Suitable for new requirements, such as acceleration of propagation velocity, smaller diameter for high-density wiring and expansion of frequency properties.


- Thin and flexible
- We have a lineup of coaxial cables with delay time of propagation of 3.6 ns/m and 3.8 ns/m and shortening coefficient of wavelength of 70-91%


- Digital signal processing systems requiring high speed and high density
Coaxial Cable for High-speed Signal Transmission
Inner ConductorSA or SL
Dielectric MaterialePTFE
Shield StructureAluminum Polyester Tape
Protective CoatingETFE

SA: Silver plated annealed copper wire, SL: Silver plated high tensile strength copper alloy wire

Comparison of Characteristics due to Differences in Dielectric Material

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