Junkosha Coaxial Cable

Ultra-Fine Coaxial Cable

PFA ultra-fine coaxial cable incorporates controlled electrical properties, including characteristic impedance.
Suitable for new requirements, such as acceleration of propagation velocity, smaller diameter for high-density wiring, and expansion of frequency properties.


- Thinned with superior manufacturing technology (up to AWG52).
- High-precision processing technologies based on assembly automation (up to AWG46).
- Thinned for space saving.
- Anti-noise properties that are superior to those of FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits).
- Superior durability against bending and twisting.
- Low loss due to fluoropolymer properties.
- Superior heat durability against soldering when processing devices.
- Allows you to design coaxial cables that are tailored to your electrical requirements.
- Lightweight and excellent flexibility.


- Probe cables for ultrasound diagnostic equipment and internal wiring for IT devices such as laptops.
PFA Ultra Small Coaxial CableFEP Ultra Small Coaxial Cable
Inner ConductorSASA or SAT
Dielectric MaterialPFAFEP
Shield StructureServed Wire Shield or Double Braided ShieldServed Wire Shield

SL: Silver plated high tensile strength copper alloy wire SW: Silver plated copper-clad steel

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