Junkosha Heat Shrink Tubing

Fluoropolymer Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing shrinks in diameter when heated. Junkosha tubing has a broad operating temperature range and is ideal for applications that require shape-retaining properties of fluoropolymer, chemical and electrical protection (insulation), and non-adhesive properties of fluoropolymer.


- Exceptional heat and cold resistance
- Operating temperature range for continuous no-load use FEP < -65 to +200℃
- Inert to most chemical agents and solvents
- Superior weathering resistance prevents change over time
- Non-adhesive to the majority of substances; any adhering materials are very easy to remove
- Flame resistant
- Superior electrical properties


- Protective covering for the leads of fluid transporters, thermistors, sensors, etc. which require chemical resistance and adhesion resistance
- Protection for minute devices such as sensors, etc.
- To provide adhesion resistance for rolls, etc.
- Protective covering for chemical resistance at high temperatures
FEP Heat Shrink TubingFEP Extra-Fine Heat Shrink Tube
Main MaterialFEP
Inner Diameter after Shrinkage1.5~66mm0.47~2.35mm
Shrink Temperature150~200℃
Shrink Ratio1.1:1~1.3:1
Continuous Operating Temperature-65~200℃
Material FlammabilityUL 94V0
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