Junkosha works with its customers to propose custom solutions that meet their unmet needs. Our team of specialists provide a wide range of support, including answering technical queries, design requirements, material selection, quality control, and follow-up services.

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    Where can I find a sales representative in my area?

    Please send a request via the Contact Form, our local Sales Engineers will be happy to help you.

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    Does Junkosha have certification for management systems based on international standards?

    Yes, Junkosha’s quality management and environmental management systems are certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485.

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    How can I obtain a quote and delivery details?

    We provide a variety of specifications to meet your requirements. Please send a request via the Contact Form with your product requirements. Our Sales Engineers will contact you to discuss further.

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    Does Junkosha have other catheter-related products besides Junkosha Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing and Junkosha Etched PTFE Liner?

    Yes, we have other catheter-related products such as fine wire, cable and assembly products. Please contact our Sales Engineers in your local area or send a request to us via the Contact Form.

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    Where are Junkosha’s medical-related products manufactured?

    We develop medical-related products at our manufacturing facility in Ibaraki, Japan. From manufacturing to packaging, we handle products in a clean environment. In the Fall of 2025, we will expand this facility to triple our production capacity for medical products, enabling us to respond more quickly to customer needs.

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    Is it possible to visit and see Junkosha’s manufacturing plant?

    Visits are possible; please speak to your Sales Engineers who will be able to discuss your requirements further.

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    How should I select a size?

    Please select the size from our product lineup in our catalog. If you need additional help in determining the appropriate size for your application, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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    Can you provide custom samples?

    We will verify the feasibility of your request through our design and manufacturing capabilities. Please contact and consult our Sales Engineers about your requirements.

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    How long does it take to receive samples of catalog products.

    We regularly maintain stock availability of catalog samples, and we will typically ship the samples from our factory in Japan approximately 3 business days after confirmation of a sample request.

    Select Part number. | Request samples of catalog products. | minimum 3 business days Shipment of samples
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    How long is the recommended usage of the Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing?

    Please store the product unpacked and follow the recommended storage conditions. We recommend using the product within 6 months of shipment. Please use the product promptly after opening or if it has passed our recommended usage period.

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    What are the recommended storage conditions for Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing?

    Store in a dark location below 86°F (30°C) and humidity must not exceed 85% relative humidity.

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    Has Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing been assessed for biocompatibility testing?

    Yes, the product has been assessed for USP Plastic Class VI.

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    What are the available options (plain end, slit end) and available lengths (standard process, additional cutting process for shorter lengths)?

    • Minimum length: 0.39” (10mm, secondary machine to cut)
    • Maximum length: 98" (2,500 mm)
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    What are the temperature and speed requirements when using Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing?

    The recommended temperature when using Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing is 392 °F (200°C). Maximum operating temperature is 464~500°F (240~260°C) depending on the product. Time required for complete shrinkage is about 30 seconds.

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    What do I do if I have problems during the catheter assembly or reflow process?

    If you have any problems not only with our products but with the reflow process in general, please let us know the specific problem and how often it occurs, and we will do our best to help.

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    What does it mean if a “crack" or “split” occurs during use of Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing?

    Normally this means over-compression, and therefore the Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing Recovered ID is too low compared to substrate material. Or it could mean the temperature is too high and the Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing is starting to soften.

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    Do I need to add weight to the Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing?

    It is not recommended to add any weight because the Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing does not shorten during the shrinking process.

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    I am interested in receiving Etched PTFE Liner samples and would like to know how to proceed.

    We have 2 options for providing Junkosha Etched PTFE Liner samples.

    • Option 1: Stock Samples

      For those seeking rapid evaluation of our Etched PTFE Liner, we offer a range of stocked samples with the choice of 5 dimensional options. These samples can be shipped promptly upon request. Each order consists of 5 pieces and is shipped free of charge.

    • Option 2: Custom Samples

      We also offer the option to order custom Etched PTFE Liner samples tailored to your desired dimensions. For a nominal fee of $2000, you can place an order for 50 pieces and these Made-to-Order samples are shipped approximately 2 weeks after the specifications have been determined.

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    How do I place an order for more than 50 samples of Etched PTFE Liner?

    Please contact our Sales Engineers, or send a request via the Contact Form.

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    What dimensions are available for Junkosha Etched PTFE Liner?

    The following size ranges are available: Inner Diameter: 0.010” to 0.130” (0.25 mm to 3.3 mm), Wall Thickness: 0.001”to 0.002” (0.025 mm to 0.050, Length: 40” to 80” (1000 mm to 2000 mm). If you require dimensions outside our standard offering, please reach out to the Sales Engineers or contact us via the Contact Form.

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    Tolerances and dimensional measurement methods

    • Inner Diameter

      • Minimum tolerance: +/- 0.0005" or +/- 0.001" (+/- 0.013 mm to +/- 0.026 mm) (depending on the inner diameter size)
      • Measurement method: Pin gauge
    • Wall Thickness

      • Minimum tolerance: +/- 0.0005” (+/- 0.013 mm)
      • Measurement method: Calculated with pin gauge and dial gauge measurements
    • Length

      • Minimum tolerance: +/- 0.2" (+/- 5.08 mm)
      • Measurement method: Ruler
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    Has the Junkosha Etched PTFE Liner been evaluated for biocompatibility?

    Yes, the product is USP Plastic Class VI certified.

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    Why does Junkosha supply Etched PTFE Liners mounted onto boards?

    Junkosha Etched PTFE Liners are arranged side by side onto plastic boards and securely fastened on both ends. This ensures protection against any damage, such as bending or kinking, during transportation, which can result when liners are packaged and shipped in tubes.

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    What are the recommended storage conditions for the Etched PTFE Liner?

    Please store the product unpacked in a dark location at temperatures below 30°C, and humidity should not exceed 85% relative humidity.

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    Can Junkosha provide assistance if any problems or challenges occur during the manufacturing of our devices?

    Junkosha is committed to a collaborative partnership with our customers. If you experience any problems with our materials during your manufacturing process, please contact us.

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