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Founded in 1954, Junkosha are pioneers of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies across the medical device sector. The company provides cutting edge products that contribute to the enrichment of society. By actively engaging with our customers, we offer more than just products – we provide tailored services to optimize processes, earning your trust every step of the way.

We are unified around our purpose:
"We create unsurpassed value to enrich society"
and as our mission states, we "Enable Technology Innovators".

At a Glance

  • 47 countries/regions;



    Junkosha provides high quality solutions to more than 1500 companies across 47 countries and regions including the USA, Europe and Asia.

  • 8 locations;



    711 associates active in 8 locations across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

  • 160


    Junkosha is focused on building a global intellectual property network, with over 160 patents to date.

  • ISO9001, ISO14001,

    Junkosha holds ISO certifications for quality and environmental management systems, ensuring top-tier policies in both areas.

  • Manufacturing floor space totals


    (992,000 ft²)

    In the Fall of 2025, Junkosha will be expanding its manufacturing capacity, boosting production volumes for our medical portfolio.

As of April 2024


Junkosha's strengths lie in customized production backed by our technological expertise. We understand customers' needs when it comes to their specific requirements, product development, quality issues and use the technologies and experiences we have cultivated over many years to provide solutions.
Junkosha's 3 core technologies ensure consistent quality every time.

  1. 01.

    Polymer Modification Technology

    Junkosha has a deepened understanding of high-performance polymers and has developed their own unique proprietary polymer modification technology to provide the best possible solution to our customers and help to solve their unmet needs.

  2. 02.

    High-Precision Molding and Extrusion Technology

    At the heart of our technological prowess lies high-precision molding and extrusion. The cornerstone of Junkosha's unwavering product consistency—regardless of customer specifications—is found in these foundational platforms. This expertise allows us to manufacture with exceptional precision, reducing both in-lot and lot-to-lot variability.

  3. 03.

    Advanced Processing Technology

    By combining advanced, highly precise secondary processing, Junkosha can respond to individual requests in a timely and efficient way. These diverse demands could encompass such technologies as stranding or shielding, assembly, surface modification, or other customized processing of products that are enabled by our high-precision molding and extrusion technology.

Customer Care

As the most responsive partner for specialized high-performance polymer solutions, Junkosha works closely with our customers from product development through to commercialization. We are committed to be your No. 1 partner by meeting your unmet needs and ultimately being easy to do business with.

Customer Care

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