Junkosha Film


High quality fluoropolymer film using PFA and FEP with excellent heat durability that stands out from other fluoropolymer films.
Perfect for uses that require release properties, adhesion resistance, and insulation in hot and humid environments.


- Features all of the benefits of fluoropolymers, including high heat durability, release properties, adhesion resistance, insulation, chemical resistance, low water absorption, low outgassing, and flame resistance.
- You can select your preferred film thickness and width.


- Release film
- Insulation film
- Heat-resistant film
- Chemically resistant film
PFA FilmFEP Film
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature (℃)260200
Low Operating Temperature (℃)-195-253
Film Thickness (㎛)12.5~100
Film Width (mm)100~600

Material Properties of PFA and FEP

MaterialPerfluoroalkoxyFluorinated Ethylene Propylene
Physical/Thermal Properties
Specific Gravity2.12~2.172.12~2.15
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature260200
Minimum Continuous Operating Temperature<-195-253
Linear Expansion Coefficient10⁻⁵/℃128.3~10.5
LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index)>95>95
Electrical Properties
Volume ResistivityΩ-cm>10¹⁸>2×10¹⁸
Dielectric Strength Short Time Method (3.2 mm Thickness)kV/mm19.619.6~23.6
Dielectric Constant2.1 (1 MHz)2.1 (1 MHz)
Dielectric Tangent<0.0002 (1 MHz)<0.0007 (1 MHz)
Mechanical Properties
Tensile StrengthN/mm²29.418.6~21.6
Environmental Properties
Radiation ResistanceSatisfactorySatisfactory
UV ResistanceVery GoodVery Good
Water Absorption (24 Hour 3.2 mm Thickness)%0.03<0.01

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