Junkosha Multi-Core Cable and Assembly

Multi-Filar Cable

Current standard multi-filar cables have an insulating layer with an additional adhesive layer which is bonded together and normally flattened. However, the rough design, lack of smoothness and difficulty associated with separating the individual cables causes issues during various assembly stages.
We listened to our customers and noted the demand for increasing the volume of signals needed in these multi-filar cable assemblies, which in turn makes these cables more difficult to handle. By sandwiching cables between thin PTFE tape, we have developed multi-filar cables without increasing the outer cable diameter while also making cable insertion, separation and subassembly easier. Below are samples which represent how we can combine various cable configurations together and sandwich them in PTFE to suit the needs of new catheter concepts.


- Smooth insertion into thin-walled PTFE tube
- Cable shape flexibly follows the shape of the catheter lumen
- Cable separation which makes assembly easy


- Electrophysiology catheter
- Low frequency signal transmission cable
Multi-Filar Cable
Conductor SizeAWG#40~54
Cable TypesSingle Wire, Coaxial Cable, Differential Transmission Cable, etc.
InsulationPFA、PI、Nylon、PEBAX、PAI, etc.
Maximum Number of Channels64CH
Insulation ColorBlack, Yellow, Green, Red…10 colors
Tape Width2.0~30 mm
Tape Thickness7 or 8 μm

Concept Models

AWG#40 20Filar Cable with Color
AWG#40 20Filar Cable [Standard]

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