Junkosha Flat and High-Flex Cable

Robotics Cable

This cable was developed from fluoropolymers for multi-movement with excellent mechanical and electrical properties.
We also have the advantage of our ability to customize other characteristics that would yield thinner, lighter and longer life cycles of durability and reliability. In addition to transmitting electrical signals and power, we offer integrating hydraulic and pneumatic tubes for optimal assembly packaging.
Oil and chemical resistance, alongside low-outgassing properties, make this cable design suitable for usage in the field of semiconductor manufacturing and robots.


- Outstanding bending life
- Thinner diameter and lightweight
- Both electrical and pneumatic control lines can be integrated into one composite unit
- Flat, round and curl cable can be manufactured
- Outgassing resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance for harsh usage
- Good flexibility for customization of products


- Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and FA robots, etc.

Conductor Variations, A, B, C and D Types According to Requested Flex Life

Conductor Variations

A typeB typeC typeD type
Center Conductor MaterialTATATTOTAT
Center Conductor Wire Diameter (mm)
Insulator materialETFEETFEETFEETFE

TA: Tin annealed copper wire, TAT: Tin copper alloy wire, TO: Tin oxygen-free copper wire

Bending Test Data of 0.3m㎡ ETFE Wires

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