Junkosha Flat and High-Flex Cable

High-Durability Cable and Assembly for Machine Vision

Utilizing Junkosha’s manufacturing technology for highly flexible robot cables and high-speed signal transmission lines, we have developed a highly durable cable which exhibits bending far superior to that of conventional products.
This product is used in applications which comply with USB 3.1 standards, such as machine vision.


- Optical fibre types significantly improve transmission distances
- Compatible with USB 3.1 image processing standards for industrial machine vision systems
- Maintains durability against rolling flex repeated for over 100 million cycles at a minimum bending radius of 50mm (R=50) (optical fibre type)


- Chip mounters used on movable parts and visual inspection devices for circuit boards

FEP Coaxial Cable for Moving Parts

50Ω and 75Ω Coaxial Cables for Use in Moving Parts. It Combines the Excellent Electrical Properties of Fluoropolymers with High Mechanical Life Characteristics.

Cable Assembly for USB 3.0 with High Durability Moving Parts

Cable assembly for USB3.0 that supports moving parts. It maintains high signal transmission characteristics even when used in harsh environments such as sliding motions exceeding 50 million times, and is expected to be effective in reducing maintenance frequency.
This cable assembly differs from the requirements of the USB 3.0 standard in part, and achieves ultra-high durability with Junkosha's unique specifications.
Catalog NumberOuter Diameter
Connector 1Connector 2
JU30-AA-□□□6.7USB 3.0 Type AUSB 3.0 Type A
JU30-AB-□□□6.7USB 3.0 Type AUSB 3.0 Type B
JU30-AMB-□□□6.7USB 3.0 Type AMicro USB 3.0 Micro - B
JU30-ALB-□□□6.7USB 3.0 Type AUSB 3.0 Type B Right Angle
JU30-BB-□□□6.7USB 3.0 Type BUSB 3.0 Type B
JU30-BMB-□□□6.7USB 3.0 Type BMicro USB 3.0 Micro - B
JU30-BLB-□□□6.7USB 3.1 Type BUSB 3.0 Type B Right Angle

□□□: Assembly Length (Example: 50cm ---> 005, 1m ---> 010)

Sliding Rolling Flex Test

Cable Assemblies for Camera Link Standard for High Durability Moving Parts

The MDR connector or HDR connector is assembled to each of two types of cables, the CL type that conforms to the Camera Link Interface Standard and the power supply type Camera Link PoCL type (Power over Camera Link).
Cable TypeCatalog NumberNumber of CoresOuter Diameter [mm]Camera Side ConnectorBoard Side Connector

□□□:Assembly Length(Example:50cm→005、1m→010、2m→020、3m→030、~8m→080)

Analog Camera Cable for Moving Parts

This is a cable for moving part compatible analog cameras that combines a moving part compatible coaxial cable and an electric wire according to the mechanical device to be used. Please refer to the Robot Cable Design Communication Sheet and contact the Junkosha Customer Service Center or sales representative.

Cable for Lan for Moving Parts

CAT5e compliant LAN cable for moving (sliding) parts. Even when used in harsh environments, these cables maintain high signal transmission characteristics and are expected to reduce the frequency of maintenance.
Catalog NumberJLAN-CAT5-27
Structure4 Pair
ConductorSizeAWG 27
MaterialSilver-Plated High Tensile Strength Copper Alloy
Bulk ShieldBraided Shield
Outer DiameterStandard 7.6mm (Max 8.3 mm)
Approximate Mass74g
CharacteristicCharacteristic Impedance (Ω)Standard 100
Conductor Resistance(Ω/km) @20℃<150
Insulation Resistance(MΩ・km)>1500

Cable for Device Net for Moving Parts

DeviceNet compliant cable for moving (sliding) parts. It maintains high signal transmission characteristics even when used in harsh environments, and can be expected to require less maintenance.
Catalog NumberJDVAN-THIN-01JDVAN-THIN-02
StructureSignal Line Twinax CablePower Line Shielded Twisted PairSignal Line Twinax CableTwisted Pair with Power Cable Shield
MaterialTin-Plated Annealed Copper WireTin-Plated Annealed Copper WireTin-Plated Annealed Copper WireTin-Plated Annealed Copper Wire
Flexible Stranded WireFlexible Stranded WireFlexible Stranded WireFlexible Stranded Wire
Drain WireAWG22 Tinned Annealed Copper Wire, Flexible Stranded WireAWG18 Tin-Plated Annealed Copper Wire, Flexible Stranded Wire
Bulk ShieldCopper Alloy Wire, Special Horizontal ShieldCopper Alloy Wire, Special Horizontal Shield
Outer DiameterStandard 8.7mm (Maximum 9.5mm)Standard 15.7mm (Maximum 17.9mm)
Approximate Mass85g250g
CharacteristicCharacteristic Impedance (Ω)120 ±12120 ±12
Conductor Resistance
(Ω/km) @20℃
Insulation Resistance

Robot Cables for Servo Motor Peripherals

Dedicated cable for moving parts of servo motors and peripheral equipment, with excellent long life, bending resistance, and space saving. Low-friction PVC is used for the sheath.
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