Junkosha Flat and High-Flex Cable

PVC Flat Cable

PVC Flat Cable contributes to downsizing and densifying electrical and electronic equipment.
Multiple conductors are aligned and insulated in parallel, enabling the dimension of cables to be smaller and lighter.
Helps to reduce assembly costs by avoiding wiring mistakes and making accurate termination easy.


- The flat shape allows load dispersion for good cut-through resistance, wear-resistance, and tensile strength.
- Low profile and high-density wiring, can deliver a reduction in weight.
- Avoids incorrect wiring.
- Easy termination process contributes to improved productivity.
- Delivers good current capacity through high heat dispersion efficiency.
- Minimum attenuation and crosstalk by Fluoropolymer insulation.
- Flexible
- This product is optimized for pressure welding and it can improve the productivity of termination processes significantly.


- Internal wiring for electrical and electronic equipment, as well as wiring between equipment and communications.
- High-speed digital signal processing systems requiring higher density.
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