Multiple single wires such as hookup wires, twisted pairs, and/or twisted triple wires are aligned and woven flat with strings such as polypropylene. These are well suited for high-density applications.
Furthermore, as you are free to perform terminal processing with standard strippers, etc., it can be connected to round connectors, circuit boards and square connectors. In addition to ETFE and FEP woven cables, we also have woven cables that use PTFE and PFA wires, twisted triple wires using these wires, shielded wires, and coaxial cables. The woven cables using PTFE are particularly useful when heat durability is important.


- Good mechanical properties such as cut-through resistance, wear-resistance and tensile strength
- Flexible and can be bent when wiring
- The flat shape is perfect for high-density applications and, as it is lightweight, it can be used for wiring on walls
- Heat dispersion efficiency is high, increasing current capacity
- Good electrical signal transmission properties
- Fluoropolymer resin insulation provides excellent electrical, mechanical and temperature properties
- Helps to avoid incorrect wiring


- Internal wiring for various electrical equipment and small devices, as well as wiring between equipment
FEP Woven CableETFE Woven Cable
Insulator MaterialFEPETFE
Conductor MaterialTATA
Conductor Configuration
7/0.147/0.08, 7/0.12, 7/0.16, 19/0.12
Weaving Yarn MaterialPolypropylenePolypropylene

TA:Tin plated annealed copper wire

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