The compact and simplified design results in significant reductions of time spent on piping work. Junkosha offers highly reliable fittings that are compatible with both nylon tubing and urethane tubing. 
M series (miniature type) and W series (spatter-resistant type) are both faster and more convenient for piping work compared to more general fittings.


- All metal components come with electroless nickel plating
- Different color options available for screws to simplify identification
- Easily set the body position to match the tube extraction direction
- Tubing grip rotates smoothly inside fitting to prevent tube shearing
- Optional speed controller fittings allow for adjustment of flow rate


- General air pressure piping
- Piping for spot welding robotics
M SeriesW Series
UseFor General PipingFor Spot Welding Equipment Piping
Main MaterialPBTFlame Retardant PBT (UL94V-0 Compliant)
Maximum Operating PressureAir< 0.97 MPa< 0.97 MPa
Water< 0.19 MPa< 0.29 MPa
Operating Temperature RangeAir0~+60℃0~+60℃

1) If the maximum operating pressure of the tube is lower than the pressure above, please use it at below the maximum operating pressure of the tube. 2) If the operating temperature range of the tube is within the operating temperature range of the fitting, give priority to the operating temperature range of the tube.

Recommended Tightening Torque for Pipe Screws

R (PT) Screw
Tightening Torque
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