Junkosha Fluid Transfer Tubing

Polyurethane Tubing

Junkosha offers an extensive lineup of products incorporating various materials, sizes, and shapes covering a range of operating pressures, operating fluids, operating temperatures, installation conditions, and expected lifespans. Our products are used in many different industrial fields, including pneumatic equipment, centralized lubrication equipment, dentistry equipment, and industrial robotics.


- Exceptional mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.
- Exceptional heat and cold resistance.
- Flexible and highly resilient to impacts.
- Excellent oil resistance and chemical resistance (especially alkaline resistance).
- No risk of toxic substance dissolution.
- A small bending radius delivers superior usability.


- Tubes for pneumatic equipment
- Tubes for fluid devices
- Pneumatic tubes for chemical plants
- Tubes for fluorine-based refrigerants
- Air tools
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