Junkosha Fluid Transfer Tubing

Multi-Layer Tubing

Using multi-layer extrusion molding that combines raw materials with properties that are physically different to fluoropolymers gives this tubing, which is often used as chemical piping, the chemical resistance, adhesion resistance, and low dissolution of fluoropolymers. Junkosha’s Multi-Layer Tubing also provides high-performance characteristics not associated with fluoropolymers, including flexibility, conductivity, and buckling resistance properties.


- Flexibility, buckling resistance, and abrasion resistance is improved by using a multi-layer structure.


- Tubes for painting equipment
- Tubes for printers
- Tubes for dental equipment
- Tubes for centralized lubrication equipment
- Tubes for analysis devices
Tube StructureInner Layer: Fluoropolymer
Outer Layer: Soft Nylon
Inner Layer: Fluoropolymer
Outer Layer: Polyurethane
Operating Temperature Range Air-20~+70°C-20~+70°C
Operating Temperature Range Water/Oil0~+70°C0~+70°C
Operating Pressure<1.0~2.0<0.6
Organic Solvent Resistance for Barrier Tubing
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