Stainless fittings made with highly corrosion-resistant SUS316.
Superior pressure resistance enables use in a wide range of temperatures.
We have two series: one for fluoropolymer tubing and nylon tubing, and the other for polyurethane tubing fitted in sleeves within box nuts.


- A body made only of highly corrosion-resistant SUS316 enables use with corrosive fluids and anti-rust piping
- No need to manage box nut tightening torque
- For flexible tubing such as polyurethane, please use our SUS2 Series, which has box nuts with built-in sleeves


- Piping for corrosive fluids
- Water pressure piping
- Anti-rust piping
Stainless Fittings
Main MaterialSUS316
Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa)Conforms to Maximum Working Pressure of Tube
Operating Temperature Range Air-65~+180℃
Working Temperature Range (Water and Corrosive Fluids)0(-65)~+180℃

If the operating temperature range of the tube is within the operating temperature range of the fitting, give priority to the operating temperature range of the tube.

Recommended Tightening Torque for Pipe Screws

R (PT) Screw
Tightening Torque
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