Junkosha Fluid Transfer Hoses

Flexible Clean Hose

Junkosha’s Flexible Clean Hose is the ideal choice for a number of applications in Chemical, Semicondutor and Medical fields; our corrosion-resistant and low dissolution materials are optimized for the piping of clean fluids.


- Superior flexibility for compact piping
- Reinforced pressure-resistant layers of synthetic fibers for superior bending fatigue resistance
- Extremely low metal ion dissolution


- Industrial pure water piping
- Pure water piping for medical and food equipment
- Pure water piping for chemical agents
Flexible Clean Hose
Wetted SurfaceLow Elution Special Resin
Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa)3.0MPa
Compatible FluidsPure Water / Ultra Pure Water
Operating Temperature Limit0~+60℃
Chemical Resistance of R710 Clean Hose
Low elution of R710 Clean Hose
Test condition : warm water (75°C), 240 hours, sample 13~16g / pure water 1000cc
The calculation was made in consideration of the correction of changes in pure water over time.
Liquid impact index = (Test solution conductivity after 240 hours test-conductivity of pure water used) / Sample weight
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