Junkosha Fluid Transfer Hoses

Heat-Resistant Flexible Hose

Junkosha’s Heat-Resistant Flexible Hose is the ideal choice for a number of applications, combining flexibility with corrosion-resistant and low dissolution materials, optimized for the piping of clean fluids in high temperature conditions. An exceptional option for those in Chemical, Semiconductor and Medical fields.


- With a fluoropolymer inner wetted layer and a flexible elastomer outer layer, these flexible hoses can withstand a continuous operating temperature of up to 92°C
- Dedicated connectors can be installed on site
- Superior oil and chemical resistance
- Lubricious inner layer is non-adhesive to the majority of substances; any adhering materials are very easy to remove


- Transporting viscous fluid, chemicals and solvents
- Pure water piping for chemical agents
- Pure water piping for Food and Medical equipment
- Industrial pure water piping for Semiconductors
- Applications requiring durability under temperature
Heat-Resistant Flexible Clean Hose
Wetted SurfaceFluoropolymer
Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa)0.3~0.5
Compatible FluidsPure Water / Water
Operating Temperature LimitRoom Temperature to 92°C

Dedicated Bracket Mounting Method

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