Junkosha Microwave/mmWave Coaxial Cable Assembly

1 Series - Wide Temperature Range, Slim and Durable

Our 1 Series cable assembly lineup features heat-resistant types that can be used in a wide continuous operating temperature range (-65 to +125°C) in microwave measurement environments, alongside durability-focused types with a dramatically improved mechanical life based on a cabling structure cultivated through developing robot cables.


- MWX121, MWX161: Suitable for a wide continuous operation temperature range (-65°C to +125°C) in microwave measurement environments
- MWX122: Dramatically improved mechanical life


- For microwave band measurements requiring a wide temperature range (device assessment, etc.)
- Testing equipment requiring durability
- Multiport vector network analyzers
Cable TypeMWX121MWX122MWX161
Maximum Usable Frequencies26.5 GHz26.5 GHz67.0 GHz
Standard Insertion Loss (dB/m)@18.5GHz1.21.53.5
@Maximum Frequency1.31.97.3
Outer Cable Diameter (mm)
Cable Weight (g/m)807979
Continuous Operating Temperature Range (°C)-65~+125-30~+85-65~+125
Assembly Length (mm)Minimum200300600

This table provides standard length availability within our catalog. We can provide custom lengths upon request; please contact us to discuss.

Slim Phase Stable Cable MWX161

Cable assemblies with a small diameter at the neck, making it the most suitable for a Multiport VNA.

Heat Cycle Test for MWX121

The cycle indicated above chart was repeated 30 times. We measured the insertion and return loss of the specimen that was taken out from the tester after the 30 cycles.

Composite Durability Test for MWX122

We measured the insertion loss and observed the shield after the composite durability test that applies 50,000 times of bending, rubbing, and twisting.
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