Junkosha Microwave/mmWave Coaxial Cable Assembly

2 Series - Extra Flexibility and Durability

Our 2 Series cable assembly showcases excellent phase stability against bending, developed with microwave/mmWave measurement environments in mind.
Its flexibility means low repulsion, reducing the load on the measured object


- Excellent flexibility and phase stability against bending
- We also have an extensive lineup of connectors
- Select an armored type for reduced external mechanical damage


- For mmWave/microwave band measurement
- For measurement of minute devices for which flexibility is required
Cable TypeMWX221MWX221 Armored TypeMWX241 Armored TypeMWX241 Non-Armored typeMWX251 Armored TypeMWX251 Non-Armored TypeMWX261 Armored TypeMWX261 Non-Armored Type
Maximum Usable Frequencies26.5 GHz40.0 GHz50.0 GHz67.0 GHz
Standard Insertion Loss (dB/m)@18.5GHz1.
@Maximum Frequency1.433.85.6
Outer Cable Diameter (mm)612.
Cable Weight (g/m)6421213735129299017
Continuous Operating Temperature Range (°C)-30~+85
Assembly Length (mm)Minimum200700700200700200700200
NotesStandard Catalog ProductStandard Catalog ProductStandard Catalog ProductMade to SpecStandard Catalog ProductMade to SpecStandard Catalog ProductMade to Spec

This table provides standard length availability within our catalog. We can provide custom lengths upon request; please contact us to discuss.

Flexibility Data

A test cable measuring 1,000 mm in length was formed into a circle with an internal diameter of 300mm. Both ends were overlapped and secured with tape measuring 50 mm in width. The circularly formed test cable was then suspended, with the overlapping end section at the top and a weight positioned at the bottom. Circularity was measured after five seconds. (Circularity is expressed as the ratio a/b.)
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