Junkosha Microwave/mmWave Coaxial Cable Assembly

3 Series - Temperature Phase Stability

Our 3 Series cable assembly showcases excellent phase stability against temperature fluctuations.
Continuous operating temperature range: -65 to +125°C (except MWX315: -30 to +85°C).


- Cable assembly with excellent phase stability against temperature fluctuations
- Wide temperature usage range
- We also have an extensive lineup of connectors
- Connector neck has been reinforced, providing superior durability than standard microwave cables for wiring between devices


- Electronic equipment inside communication satellites and ground stations
- Electronic equipment inside flight instruments
- Air traffic control equipment
- Electronic equipment on ships
- Equipment which is severely impacted by signal leakage and interference
Cable TypeMWX311MWX312MWX313MWX314MWX315MWX321MWX322MWX341MWX342
Maximum Usable Frequencies18.5 GHz18.0 GHz26.5 GHz40.0 GHz
Standard Insertion Loss (dB/m)@18.5 GHz3.
@Maximum Frequency----0.762.
Outer Cable Diameter (mm)
Cable Weight (g/m)18.5425212515552604035
Continuous Operating Temperature Range (°C)-65~+125-30~+85-65~+125
Assembly Length (mm)Minimum100100100200500100200100200

This table provides standard length availability within our catalog. We can provide custom lengths upon request; please contact us to discuss.

Bending Test Comparison Data for MWX312 and a Conventional Cable

The connector on one end of test cable (MXW312-00500AMSAMS, measuring 500 mm in length and with SMA (m) connectors on both ends) was fixed in place. The connector on the other end was moved in the sequence a → b → c, after which initial insertion loss and return loss values were compared to those after the test.
Top graph: MWX312-00500AMSAMS
Bottom graph: Conventional product
* Data are actual measurement values, not guaranteed values.
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