Junkosha Wire

Fluoropolymer Hookup Wire

Hookup wire is commonly used inside electrical and electronic equipment because it has the electrical and mechanical properties that provide the superior reliability required of high-density wires.


- Prepared for continuous operation in a wide temperature range. From -253°C to +260°C for PTFE. (Use nickel conductor plating (NA) for use at 200°C or higher)
- Flame resistant and low fuming.
- Excellent solder resistance.
- Resistant to most chemical agents and solvents.
- Stable electrical properties in a wide range of temperatures and frequencies.
- Can be made thinner and reduced in weight.
- Low friction coefficient and easy to wire.
- Adhesion resistant and easy to clean.
- Superb weathering performance.
- Long life with properties virtually unchanged after many years of use.


- Internal wiring and control wiring for electronic devices that require high reliability.
- Internal wiring for high-frequency devices such as broadcasting, communication, and measuring equipment.
- Internal wiring and lead wires for various high-temperature devices requiring heat durability, including thermostatic chambers, floodlights, and water heaters.
- Wiring for compact electronic devices
- Other characteristics and uses: chemical resistance/chemical equipment; Freon resistance/freezers; weathering/ship equipment & unmanned monitoring equipment; flame resistance/emergency wiring; and resistance against extremely low temperatures/lead wires and power wires for liquefied gas measuring devices.
PTFE Hookup WirePFA Hookup WireFEP Hookup WireETFE Hookup Wire
Insulating materialPTFEPFAFEPETFE
Conductor materialNA
The maximum continuous operating temperatureNA:260℃
Color of wireBlack, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, white

NA:Nickel-plated annealed copper wire, SA:Silver-plated annealed copper wire, TA:Tin-plated annealed copper wire

Table Product examples of hookup wires (single core to 4 stranded wires)
Table Product examples of hookup wires (shielded single core, shielded two stranded wires)
(Note 1) NA: Nickel plated annealed copper wire, SA: Silver plated annealed copper wire, TA: Tin plated annealed copper wire
(Note 2) Single conductor configuration for rated voltage 600V and 1000V types is from 1/0.20.

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