Cookies Policy

This Policy describes how Junkosha collects and processes personal data on its website and provides information on the types of cookies used when a user accesses the website; how they are used; the consent of stakeholders; and details concerning cookies.

About Cookies

Cookies are small files downloaded to users’ devices when they access a website.
Each time a user accesses the site, the cookies are returned to the original website, making it possible to detect errors and to identify user devices.
Cookies are legal and widely used. Their methods and purposes of use are explained below to allow users to decide whether or not to reject their use.

Types of Cookies

  1. First-party cookies
    These are cookies issued directly from the domain of the website being accessed.
    They may be used for a wide range of purposes, including improving the user experience by recording user settings and actions to simplify subsequent logins and to display content matched to individual users.
  2. Third-party cookies
    These cookies are issued from domains other than that of the website being accessed, including those of advertisers whose banner advertisements or other advertisements are displayed on the site being accessed.
    By adding tags to the pages on a website, advertisers can trace users or devices between different websites.
  3. Session cookies
    These cookies are used to associate a user’s actions on the website during a browser session.
    They are temporarily saved to browser memory and deleted automatically when the user exits the browser.
    They also are used for important site actions, including increasing the speed of loading pages; their purpose is limited to data transmission.
  4. Persistent cookies
    Persistent cookies are used to record user preferences and selections when users use the site, thereby making use of the site more convenient when they return.
    These cookies are saved until deleted by the user or until they expire.

Consent to Cookies

User consent is not required for cookies whose purpose is to ensure the proper function of Internet services or the website or cookies used for security purposes.
The consent of users is required for other cookies, since they are not essential to the function of the Company’s website. The consent of users is obtained via the method configured for the website.
To consent to use of cookies, click the “Accept Cookies” button displayed on the website.
The user may revoke his or her consent to the use of cookies at any time. However, note that such revocation may impact website functions for that user.

Cookies Used by Junkosha

In operating this website, Junkosha provides services using cookies.
If you continue to use this website, you are deemed to have consented to the use of cookies.
If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you can click "I do not agree" and change the settings of your browser to refuse all or part of the cookies. Please change the cookie settings according to the method described on the site of your browser.
In that case, some functions of this site may not be available.
If you agree, it uses cookies to obtain information concerning user use of the site. Information collected through cookies does not contain personal information, such as names or email addresses.
Cookies are used to make the website more convenient for users; to improve the website based on analysis of the data collected; and to gather statistics on such data.
These cookies make it possible for the Company to differentiate users from other users. ('Company' refers to Junkosha.)

Specifically, the site uses cookies to track the webpages visited by site users. Cookies are used to record settings (such as values entered to forms) when a visitor returns to the site.
First-party cookies are used to track webpages; third-party cookies are used for redundancy.
While cookies do not store personally identifying information and contain only unique identifiers, no tracking is undertaken without visitor consent.
If the visitor provides an email address and his or her consent, he or she may be provided with information concerning Company products and other information, based on his or her history of use of the site. ('Company' refers to Junkosha.)

The main purposes of use of cookies are listed below:

  • To count website visitors
  • To record webpages used by visitors and for related statistical analysis
  • To adjust the content displayed based on visitor settings and the characteristics of the visitor’s device
  • To manage and trace user cookie settings
  • To manage visitor sessions and browser functions
  • To improve the website by measuring website traffic and for various spatial measurements
  • To display advertising matched to visitor interests

◆Pardot Cookies

Visitor Cookies
Visitor cookie includes “visitor_id” and the website’s unique identifier for that visitor.
If a cookie titled “visitor_id12345” has the value “123456789,” then “12345” is the account identifier, and “123456789” is the visitor ID.

Opt-in Cookie
The “pi_opt_in” cookie is used to respect the browser’s “do not track” setting.

Pardot App Session Cookie
Set only for users currently logged in

Disabling and Deleting Cookies

Most web browsers (e.g., IE, Firefox, Chrome) and devices are configured to accept cookies by default.
A user who wishes to change this setting can update settings in his or her browser or device to disable cookies by deleting or rejecting them.
To delete cookies stored on your device, refer to your browser Help, Support, History or Tools menu.
Note that deleting or rejecting cookies or restricting use of similar technologies may impact your access to the website and its functions.

Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics, an analytics service provided by Google, Inc.
Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze website browsing records and creates reports.
The records of website visits generated by Google Analytics cookies are stored on Google's server for 26 months before being automatically deleted.
Google has certified that it adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles.

If you do not agree to the use of cookies, please download and install "Google Analytics opt-out add-on" to prevent your data from being used by Google Analytic.
For more information on Google Analytics, please refer to the following link.

Data Controller

The data controller is Junkosha. The Company is liable only for its own cookies (i.e., first-party cookies). ('Company' refers to Junkosha.)