Junkosha 高柔扁平电缆







Comparison of Sheath Material Outgas Generation

Heat a sample in an inert gas flow. Then, trap, collect, and concentrate the gas generated from the sample into an absorbent. Measure the gas using GC-MS (Gas-chromatography mass spectrometer system).
Outgas is quite few since Junkosha Low Outgassing Cable is using PTFE sheath.

Cable Flexibility

Approx. 300mm diameter ring was made by bending both ends of 1000mm length cable. Apply a load of 910g at lower end of the circle. The pole diameter and equator diameter were measured after 5 seconds. The oblateness is a/b.
Junkosha Low Outgassing Cable achieves greater flexibility.

Abrasion Resistance

Measure the kinetic friction of coefficient of sample by pressing and rotating sample (plate form) on to pipe-shaped opposites material.
Junkosha Low Outgassing Cable can engineer to meet various requirement such as the round type cable and ribbon type cable.