CSR Activity Guidelines

Junkosha, as a company who aims to contribute to the prosperity of society, offers unsurpassed value to customers and fulfills social responsibility to meet the needs of stakeholders such as customers, government agencies, business partners and our associates.

  1. Care for the Environment

    We pledge to make environmentally friendly business decisions for the future prosperity of society and the company.

  2. Delivering High-Quality Products and Accurate Information

    We pledge to provide reliable, high-quality products that reflect the principles of safety and peace of mind, while also meeting the needs of our customers.
    We will also work to ensure the accuracy of all information related to these products.

  3. Sincere Response

    In the event of accidents involving the products or services we provide, we pledge to respond quickly and in good faith to minimize damage and prevent recurrence.

  4. Fair Trade

    We pledge to observe the laws and regulations in each country and region, endeavor to sustain fair and transparent transactions and sound relationships with all our business partners, and build an open and fair market.

  5. Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

    We pledge to refrain from circumstances associated with self-serving or third-party interests that may conflict with the interests of our company.
    We shall always bear appropriate management of company assets in mind.

  6. A Resolute Stand Against Antisocial Forces

    We resolve to squarely confront antisocial forces and other organizations that threaten the safety and order of our civil society and to never take any actions that may strengthen their activities.

  7. Respect for Human Rights

    We respect diversity and human rights, and will build a workplace environment which is safe, healthy, and comfortable for all, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, presence or absence of disability, religion, and sexual orientation. In addition, throughout the entire supply chain we will have no business relations with companies employing forced and child labor etc., regardless of whether in Japan or overseas.

  8. Responsible Mineral Procurement

    We conduct thorough supplier surveys regarding conflict minerals and take initiatives to procure minerals responsibly.

  9. Appropriate Accounting and Tax Payment

    We will take suitable accounting measures and pay our share of corporate taxes in full compliance with the relevant laws, regulations, and internal rules, thereby ensuring financial reporting that meets the highest ethical standards in Japan and worldwide.

  10. Appropriate Information Management

    We commit to handle and protect business and personal information with care under applicable laws and regulations in each country and region.