Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to any personal data Junkosha Inc. (“Junkosha” hereinafter) obtains through our business activities.

Managing and Protecting Personal Data

To legitimately handle personal information concerning stakeholders, Junkosha proceeds in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR” hereinafter), California Consumer Protection Act (“CCPA”), and other related regulations in managing and protecting personal data. Junkosha represents and warrants that we neither use obtained personal data, other than for our own business purpose, nor sell personal data.

Entity Managing Personal Data

Junkosha Inc.
Address: 15F Ochanomizu-Kyoun Bldg., 2-2 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062 Japan

Purpose of Use of Personal Data

  1. Informing stakeholders of Company products; providing stakeholders with other information
  2. Informing stakeholders of events; contacting stakeholders for other reasons; conducting surveys
  3. Sales analysis, marketing research, improving services
  4. Responding to inquiries from stakeholders concerning products
  5. Confirming the identity of visitors during plant tours and facilitating their guidance
  6. Screening prospective employees; human resource management after hiring
  7. Preparing various types of human resource data and contacting former employees
  8. Responding to inquiries concerning matters such as operations attendant or related to those enumerated under a.-g. above

Legal Bases for Handling Personal Data

Junkosha handles the personal data of stakeholders pursuant to the legal bases stipulated in Article 6 and Article 7 of the GDPR and other related regulations.

Refusal to Provide Personal Data

Data must be received from stakeholders to access Junkosha services and information or for purposes such as management of Company businesses and employees.
It may prove impossible to provide services, in whole or in part, if stakeholders do not provide data.
('Company' refers to Junkosha.)

Legitimate Interests Held by Junkosha

Junkosha has legitimate business interests in the use of personal data collected to conduct its businesses. These interests involve providing services and products to stakeholders and services and activities related to business and employee management.

Types of Personal Data

Junkosha handles personal data for customers, shareholders, and employees (including applicants for employment and former employees; collectively, “stakeholders” hereinafter) for the purposes indicated under “3. Purpose of use of personal data” above.
Such personal data includes the following personal information:

  1. Basic Information
    Name, address, contact information (telephone number, fax number, email address), workplace information (company name, section name, position, address, telephone number, email address), school name
  2. Trading Partner Information
    Information concerning transactions with trading partners
  3. Information Collected via the Website
    Logs of visits to the Company website (IP address, cookies, etc.) Information on customers who have submitted inquiries, downloaded catalogs, etc.

Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

Junkosha may share personal data such as business name, customer's name, phone number, address, Email address and/or job title to the following in order to provide the service requested:

  1. Affiliated Companies
    Junkosha may share stakeholder personal data with Junkosha affiliated companies.
    Information on affiliated companies:
  2. Service Providers
    Junkosha may share stakeholder personal data with companies that provide various services, including marketing, responding to orders from stakeholders, payment processing, data analysis, and customer surveys.
  3. Stakeholder personal data may be provided to authorities or recipients of disclosure stipulated in laws and regulations when necessary to comply with any laws or regulations.

Transfer of Personal Data to a Third Country Outside the EU

To achieve the purposes of use described under “3. Purpose of use of personal data” and “4. Legal bases for handling personal data,” Junkosha may transfer stakeholder personal data from within the EU/EEA member states to Junkosha affiliated companies.
As an appropriate protection measure, except in cases in which the European Commission has determined that the relevant country or region maintains adequate levels of data protection, Junkosha will conclude a standard data protection agreement with the affiliated company before transferring stakeholder personal data.

Storage Limitation

Junkosha will retain stakeholder personal data for the duration necessary to comply with legal obligations or to provide legitimate services to stakeholders.

Rights of Stakeholders

  1. Junkosha will comply with regulations as follows in response to demands from the individuals concerned or their agents regarding personal data in Junkosha’s possession:
    1. Disclosure
      Stakeholders have the right to obtain all important information concerning Junkosha’s actions in the handling of related personal data.
    2. Correction
      Stakeholders have the right to have inaccurate personal data corrected without undue delay and to complete any incomplete personal data.
    3. Deletion
      If they revoke consent or if certain conditions are satisfied regarding purpose of use, stakeholders have the right to have personal data concerning them deleted without undue delay.
    4. Cessation of Use
      Subject to certain conditions, stakeholders have the right to restrict the handling of their personal data.
    5. Objection
      Subject to certain conditions, stakeholders have the right to object to the handling of their personal data at any time for reasons related to their own specific circumstances.
    6. Data Portability
      Subject to conditions established by law, stakeholders may have the right to receive their personal data in structured, generally machine-readable form, or to transfer their personal data to other administrators free of Company interference.
      ('Company' refers to Junkosha.)
    7. Right to Non-Discrimination
      Stakeholders have the right to exercise their rights listed under this Privacy Policy. Junkosha cannot deny goods or services, charge you a different price, or provide a different level or quality of goods or services, just because of your request on personal information handling. If you refuse to provide your personal information to Junkosha, or ask us to delete your personal information, and that personal information is necessary for the business to provide you with goods or services, the business may not be able to complete that transaction.
  2. Overview of Demands for Disclosure

    Please submit any requests in relation to the handling of your personal information to the address listed under “15. Inquiries.” Requests must be submitted in writing along with a photocopy of one of the following documents to confirm your identity:

    Identifying Documents:
    Driver’s license, passport, insurance card, or other document issued by a public agency that can be used to confirm identity (if no address is indicated on the identification document, attach a document issued by a public agency indicating the address)
    For requests made by an agent, the above documentation is required alongside a letter of attorney

    The Company may refuse to comply with a demand if the demand is clearly groundless; is excessive; or is repeated. In such cases, it will promptly notify the individual submitting the demand of the fact of such rejection and reasons, therefore.

  3. Filing Objections
    Stakeholders may file objections with supervisory authorities if they object to Junkosha’s handling of personal data or the methods whereby Junkosha handles personal customer data.

Data Security Measures

Pursuant to requirement of regulations, Junkosha has formulated the Information Security Management Regulations and the Information Security Operation Standards separately from this Policy.
Junkosha also implements organizational security measures, including the development and maintenance of information security systems, and takes measures such as access control, identification, and other technological security measures.

Notifying the Relevant Supervisory Agencies of any Information Leaks

Should Junkosha discover any unlawful damage, loss, alteration, or data leakage of personal information, it will issue the necessary notification to the relevant supervisory agencies under related regulations and notify the individuals concerned by the affected data.

Automated Decision-making, Including Profiling

Junkosha does not engage in automated decision-making, including profiling, based on personal data provided by the individuals concerned.


Any inquiries concerning personal data of stakeholders should be submitted to the contact point below:

Contact Point:
Junkosha Inc.
Tokyo Business Center, attn.:
15F Ochanomizu-Kyoun Bldg., 2-2 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-0062 Japan
+81 3 3518 6520 (main switchboard)
'Company' refers to Junkosha.

Last updated: January 1st, 2020