Wire/CableJIS Stranded Conductor Size

a) mmG

A unit of length (using a millimeter gauge) determined by the Cable Standards Committee of the Japanese Electrotechnical Committee. This unit is commonly used in Japan, and adopted by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and the Japanese Cable Makers’ Association Standard (JCS).

b) JIS

Conductor Size Tables (Table 1-1-2)
  1. Mass is calculated from the specific gravity of annealed copper (8.89).
  2. The conductor resistance is the maximum specified value of a single conductor measured at 20℃. For stranded cable, the conductor resistance is multiplied by the stranding factor.
  3. When calculating the electric resistance of a conductor of different conductivity, multiply the resistance of silver-plated annealed copper by (100/conductivity).
  4. Not all sizes of conductor (plated or alloys) in the table are available. Contact us for available sizes or types not listed in the table or contained in Junkosha’s catalog.
  5. In terms of conductor resistance, give priority to any other values defined in individual cable specs (e.g., MIL, UL).
Table 1-1-2 JIS Stranded Conductor Size