Junkosha introduces Larger Sizes of Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing (PHST) at MD&M Minneapolis

Oct. 6th, 2023

Leading peelable heat shrink tubing (PHST) specialist introduces new capability designed for larger diameter catheters; MD&M Minneapolis first opportunity for visitors to find out more

October 9th, 2023: Pioneers of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies, Junkosha, has chosen MD&M Minneapolis 2023 (10th – 11th October) as the platform to unveil its new range of FEP Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing (PHST). This new range, available in a variety of cut-to-length options, has been designed to enable a wide range of large-sized catheter-based procedures where ease of manufacture is the key requirement. With the launch of Large Size PHST, Junkosha broadens the applications for peelable heat shrink solutions that provide manufacturers with the ability to complete complex build procedures for large diameter constructs more efficiently and effectively, saving time and improving yields in the process.

Catheter delivery systems for applications including structural heart, abdominal aortic aneurism (AAA) repair and transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) rely on increasingly complex shapes and constructs to deliver their intended treatment. Junkosha’s Large Size PHST solution has been developed with these minimally invasive surgeries in mind. Thanks to its ability to provide cut-to-length and pre-slit options, Junkosha also enables catheter manufacturers to reduce manufacturing steps, further simplifying their manufacturing process.

For Steve Maxson, Innovation & Business Development Manager at US Extruders, this is a critical advantage: “As TAVR becomes the standard of care for more patients with severe aortic stenosis, it is crucial to have larger vessel catheter delivery systems available that keep up with the evolution of the therapy. The precise control of various parameters such as wall thickness, diameter, length, flexibility, strength, and stiffness is necessary to achieve the desired form and function for these new tools. Equally important is to balance these parameters with the material properties of the tubing in order to create customized components that meet the specific performance requirements of the device. In my experience this level of control provided by peelable heat shrink tubing can enhance reliability and increase yields in the assembly process.”

Caroline Herdman, Global Product Specialist for Junkosha, explains: “We have a deep heritage in materials science and fluoropolymers, which means our solutions are at the leading edge of what is possible. With our Large Size PHST product, we are providing catheter manufacturers with the versatility they require to complete increasingly intricate manufacturing procedures. In the future, I expect this need for larger catheter-based treatments to increase further as surgeons look for ways to provide minimally invasive care across a wider range of applications.”

Junkosha’s PHST solutions are ideal for complex catheter design and assembly processes due to their simplicity in removal. Conventional skiving techniques do not work on larger reflowed catheters, frequently leading to cutting or kinking of the catheter shaft, therefore rendering them useless. Products like Junkosha’s Large Size PHST enable intricate shapes and constructs to be added to the catheter in a simple way. As a result of PHST's “take-up”, it allows the use of cost-effective, lower tolerance, baseline materials in the manufacturing process, facilitating the ability to reflow these easily into a single smooth and consistent construct. All this results in a reduced total cost of ownership for the catheter manufacturers.

Herdman concludes: “Building on our 70-year legacy, we have a long-standing pedigree of technology innovation and being easy to do business with. Based on this, our goal is to be the best long-term partner by working alongside our customers to fulfil their unmet needs. As medical professionals continue to push the boundaries of minimally invasive procedures, we have taken the lead in designing solutions for the full range of critical catheter-based procedures.”

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