Junkosha launches product selection tool for semiconductor manufacturing industry

Jul. 8th, 2024

Junkosha unveils "Flat and High-Flex Cable Designer" to showcase tailored product selection approach to engineers

Junkosha Super Low Outgassing (SLO) Cable

SEMICON West Booth: 6078

July 8th, 2024: Junkosha, pioneers of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies, has chosen SEMICON West to announce its Flat and High-Flex Cable Designer; a product selection tool for the company’s semiconductor manufacturing solutions that allows users to find the optimal cable assemblies simply by entering their desired conditions. Junkosha will use this event to present its online tool to assist process engineers and program managers in selecting the right cable for highly stringent processes that require extremely clean environments. It will be showcased alongside the company’s cutting-edge Junkosha Super Low Outgassing (SLO) Cable; a vital component in equipment with ultra-high vacuum chambers.

With this tool, users can select the intended use, environment, necessary cores and tubes, as well as conditions such as length and the shape of both ends of the cable, to generate a list of products that best meet their requirements. In addition to this, the new Flat and High-Flex Cable Designer offers a broad range of options for customizing cable specifications available in small quantity orders enabling engineers to accelerate prototyping.

“With the Flat and High-Flex Cable Designer, Junkosha is meeting the needs of customer groups who are looking to reduce the time and effort required for product procurement for their mechanical components in an effortless way. The tool assists with choosing the right cable for composite products from our Flat and High-Flex Cable portfolio to better equip decision making”, explains Shinsuke Kitazawa, Product Manager at Junkosha. “Alongside this latest online tool, we are taking the opportunity at this year’s SEMICON West to showcase our innovative SLO Cable. Featuring low outgassing and particulation levels, our cable solution enhances semiconductor manufacturers’ ability to maintain a pristine environment around their systems. The tangible result is higher yields, reduced downtime and enhanced overall productivity in semiconductor manufacturing processes.”

In the last year, Junkosha has been showcasing its high quality cable products with extremely low outgassing and low particulation characteristics. Ever-shrinking chip features have brought about the need for more stringent outcomes, necessitating new equipment with highly controlled environments to minimize contamination of sensitive machine components. In answer to these requirements, Junkosha is providing visitors to its SEMICON West booth information around a wide range of its innovative semiconductor solutions of high flex and vacuum compatible cable products including the SLO Cable.

Kitazawa continues: “We are ultimately committed to consistent manufacturing and stringent quality control measures at every step of the process to ensure that Junkosha’s products are trusted for precision and performance across a wide range of applications. This meticulous choice of materials extends to both the conductor and resin components form the cornerstone of product reliability. Our unique process takes into consideration all stages of our planning, design, manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes - supporting the journey toward smaller, faster and smarter chips.”

For more information on Junkosha’s Flat and High-Flex Cable Designer, click on: https://www.junkosha.com/en/products/flat_cable_selector

For more information on our Super Low Outgassing (SLO) solutions, please visit our website: https://www.junkosha.com/en/products/EHF-032

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