Thin Wall FEP HST unveiled as Junkosha’s latest advancement in heat shrink technology

Sep. 3rd, 2018

Leading heat shrink tubing (HST) specialist introduces newest solution for interventional therapies as it continues in its charge towards catheter and guide wire miniaturisation

6th September 2018: Materials specialist and pioneer of peelable heat shrink tubing (PHST) technology, Junkosha, has launched its newest innovation, Thin Wall FEP, to enable the efficient delivery of guide wires when used for interventional therapies. As part of its wider campaign to be at the forefront of precision engineered, miniaturised micro catheters and guide wires, Junkosha is leading the charge towards heat shrink solutions that enable access to the most exacting parts of the vasculature with minimal impact on the patient.

Junkosha’s Thin Wall FEP HST technology is the ideal solution for interventional therapies using guide wires where leveraging the low coefficient of friction of the FEP surface is a necessity. With a shrink ratio of 1.25:1, and recovered wall thickness down to 0.0025”, Junkosha’s Thin Wall FEP HST provides guide wire manufacturers with a thin, rugged, consistent solution that delivers a compelling alternative to coatings or other surface treatments. The thin recovered wall ensures that the characteristics of the underlying material is not compromised.

Joe Rowan, President and CEO of USA and Europe for Junkosha, explains: “We have a deep heritage in materials science and fluoropolymers, which means our solutions are at the leading edge of what is possible. With our Thin Wall FEP HST product, we have created a heat shrink tubing solution that meets the exacting needs of manufacturers when designing guide wires which require lubricious, durable surfaces.”

“Our overarching aim is to answer customers’ unmet needs through technology innovation. As a part of this, we are being asked for solutions that take small and thin to the next level. As medical professionals push the boundaries of what they require for interventional techniques, we have taken the lead in designing solutions leveraging our core materials technology that are not readily replicated by our competitors.”

The medical technology sector is advancing at a rapid rate, which is challenging device engineers to produce longer guide wires with low friction surfaces for clinicians to snake through the vascularate to reach previously inaccessible target areas. In the future, it is anticipated that the use of these types of miniaturised, thinner guide wire solutions will become increasingly adopted as manufacturers are asked for solutions that can redefine what is possible through this technique.

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About Junkosha
Junkosha are pioneers of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies across medical device and microwave interconnect sectors. With three operations in Japan, including its headquarters as well as sites in the US, UK and China, it is one of the best kept advanced technology secrets outside of Japan. The company provides tube and fitting products, including generic resin tubes, fluoropolymer tubes, high-barrier tubes, flexible multi-layered tubes, industrial hoses, degassing modules, heat-shrinkable tubes, and the market leading peelable heat shrink tubes. It also provides wire and cable products, including microwave interconnects, robot cables, high data rate cables, camera link cable assemblies, ultrafine coaxial cables and assemblies, cables for clean environments, and general wires and cables.

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