Junkosha Launches Metrology Grade Microwave/mmWave VNA Test Cable Assembly at IMS 2021

Jun. 7th, 2021

Junkosha Launches Metrology Grade Microwave/mmWave VNA Test Cable Assembly at IMS 2021

VNA Test Cable Assembly

Global interconnect pioneers Junkosha have chosen the first face-to-face International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in two years to launch its new metrology grade Microwave/mmWave VNA Test Cable Assembly. To be showcased alongside the company’s unrivalled service options including the quickest lead times, ‘try before you buy’ and a cable health check programme, Junkosha will use this event to present its personalised approach to doing business alongside an explanation of how its new brand promise elevates the company above its key competitors.

Accuracy is crucial in any test setting, but particularly so for metrology grade cabling, which offers ultimate precision and therefore demands the highest reliability for testing and calibration purposes. Utilising Junkosha’s precision engineered-PTFE tape wrapping technology, the new cable exhibits excellent phase (within +/- 4.5˚ at 50GHz) and amplitude (within +/- 0.08dB at 50GHz) stability in flexure alongside strong phase stability in temperature. The cable is flexible and can maintain this level of performance when bent 180˚ on a 2.25” radius mandrel, with no spring back. Able to reach 50GHz and available in a 2.4mm connector, the assembly also displays impressive performance durability – 50,000 tick tock cycles is typical. The ruggedised port side NMD connector is also available to ensure reliable connections to the Vector Network Analyser (VNA).

“At Junkosha, we are constantly innovating new precision engineered cabling solutions, not only for what is fast becoming a 5G enabled world, but also for specialised industries such as test and measurement,” explains Masaru Omoto, Product Manager for Junkosha. “Overall, the key application area for our new metrology grade Microwave/mmWave VNA test cable assembly is measuring the device under test (DUT) when designing a high frequency component from scratch. In addition, our metrology grade cable will also be used for coaxial cable development, as well as cable products. Overall, target customers for this new solution include top-level national institutes, calibration laboratories and service providers where repeatability is key.”

“Alongside this latest new product, we are taking the opportunity at IMS to explain our new brand initiatives by elevating our wide range of services that we have always offered in a bid to consistently meet customers’ unmet needs,” continues Omoto. “Offering services such as the quickest lead times and ‘try before you buy’, our continual goal is to be customers’ number one partner by not only listening to their requirements but also providing them with no surprises – in other words being easy to do business with.”

The IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS) is the premier annual international meeting for technologists involved in all aspects of microwave theory and practice. It consists of over 600 exhibiting companies that represent state-of-the-art technologies including materials, devices, components, and subsystems, as well as design and simulation software and test and measurement equipment. In addition, it comprises a full week of events including technical paper presentations, workshops and tutorials. The in-person symposium is being held between June 7th and 10th in Atlanta, Georgia, with the virtual event to follow from June 20th to 25th.


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About Junkosha’s Technology Innovator of the Year Award

Junkosha’s Technology Innovator of the Year Award is accepting applications for its 2021-22 scheme, with the winning entrant awarded a sum of $25,000 to invest in their innovative project. Junkosha is on a mission to find an individual or team working in industry or within an academic institution that deserves recognition for innovative work on products used in the delivery of Microwave and MilimetreWave technologies. To commence their Technology Innovator of the Year Award journey, entrants must complete a short online application describing their innovation and why it deserves to be shortlisted for our award: https://www.junkosha.com/en/news/54.

About Junkosha

Junkosha are pioneers of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies across many sectors including microwave interconnect and medical devices. With three operations in Japan, including its headquarters as well as sites in the US, UK and China, it is one of the best kept advanced technology secrets outside of Japan. The company provides wire and cable products, including microwave interconnects, robot cables, high data rate cables, camera link cable assemblies, ultrafine coaxial cables and assemblies, cables for clean environments, and general wires and cables. It also provides tube and fitting products, including generic resin tubes, fluoropolymer tubes, high-barrier tubes, flexible multi-layered tubes, industrial hoses, degassing modules, heat-shrinkable tubes, and the market leading peelable heat shrink tubes.

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