Introducing Patrick Mulholland: Junkosha’s Technology Innovator of the Year Award Judge

Aug. 26th, 2021

Introducing Patrick Mulholland: Junkosha’s Technology Innovator of the Year Award Judge

Junkosha is on a mission to recognise the innovative work of an individual or team working in the delivery of products used within Microwave/Millimeter Wave technologies or interventional medical procedures. A year-long scheme, the winning entrant will be awarded a sum of $25,000 to invest in their worthwhile project.

In its inaugural year, Junkosha’s new award will be adjudicated by a panel of highly respected judges chosen for their industry credentials, including Patrick Mulholland. Patrick is the founder of VistaMed, a leading contract development and manufacturing organisation serving many of the world’s multinational companies in the minimally invasive device business. With over 30 years of experience in the medical device industry, he has worked with world class innovators and entrepreneurs co-developing solutions for their demanding applications.

To find out more about Patrick, please click on his full biography below.

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About Junkosha
Junkosha are pioneers of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies across medical device and microwave interconnect sectors. With three operations in Japan, including its headquarters, as well as sites in the US, UK and China, it is one of the best kept advanced technology secrets outside of Japan. The company provides tube and fitting products, fluoropolymer tubes, high-barrier tubes, flexible multi-layered tubes, industrial hoses, degassing modules, heat-shrinkable tubes, and the market leading peelable heat shrink tubes. It also provides wire and cable products, including microwave interconnects, robot cables, high data rate cables, camera link cable assemblies, ultrafine coaxial cables and assemblies and cables for clean environments.

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