Junkosha Injection Moldings

Fluoropolymer Injection Moldings

Injection moldings that use a high-function thermally fused fluoropolymer such as PFA.
We have developed these moldings with advanced molding technology for numerous benefits, including enhanced chemical, electrical, and physical properties.
Used for sensors and medical purposes demanding chemical resistance, cleanliness, and heat durability.


- We can manufacture these moldings to very precise measurements, with a 0.03μm Rz mirror surface and a tolerance range of 0.05mm.
- A space-saving design based on high precision, thin walls, and miniaturization.
- Widely used in sterilization and cleaning due to superb chemical resistance, heat durability, and long life.
- Excellent flame resistance as well as low water absorption and outgassing.
- Low friction coefficient for excellent slippage.
- Excellent biocompatibility due to low dissolution and cleanliness.
- Outstanding adhesion resistance and smoothness to control bacterial outbreaks.


- Sensors
- Medical devices and tools
UnitTest MethodMaterial Properties of PFA
Specific Gravity-D7922.12~2.17
Melting PointD4591300~310
Glass-Transition Temperature-75~95
Continuous Maximum Operating TemperatureNo Load260
Low Operating Temperature--195
Linear Expansion Coefficient10^-5/℃-12
Volume ResistivityΩ・cmD257>10^18
Tensile StrengthMPaD63824~34
Water Absorption24h 3.2mm Thickness0.03
Chemical ResistanceAcid Resistance-Excellent
Alkali Resistance-Excellent
Solvent Resistance-Excellent
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