Junkosha Film

PFA Adhesive Film

A new type of fluoropolymer film with superior metal adhesiveness.
Perfect for uses that require insulation or involve hot and humid environments.


- Robust adhesion without the need to preprocess film or use a bonding agent.
- Excellent adhesion with metals such as copper and aluminum.
- Can also bond to inorganics such as ceramics and glass.
- Bonds to highly heat-resistant polymers such as fluoropolymer and polyimide.
- Features all of the benefits of fluoropolymers, including high heat durability, insulation, chemical resistance, low water absorption, low outgassing, and flame resistance.


- Fluoropolymer circuit boards
Adhesive PFA Film
Film Thickness (㎛)12.5~100
Film Width (mm)100~600
Bonding ConditionsTemperature (℃)320
Pressure (MPa)1.5
Time (Minutes)10

Adhesive Performance and Peel Strength

Bonded MaterialAdhesive PerformancePeel Strength (N/cm)
General Copper FoilGood13
Rolled Copper FilmGood9
Glass (Quartz Glass)Acceptable3.2
Aluminum FoilGood9.5
Ceramic (Alumina Oxide)Good10.5

Sample film: 25μm thickness, 180° peeling test

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