Junkosha Thin-Walled Tubing

Tubing: Shrink/Non-Shrink

High-precision polymer molding technology controls the thickness of this tubing to the order of tens of microns. Suitable for applications in office automation for equipment such as printers, which become faster and more compact, and provide better image quality through picoliter ink control. Sodium etching, plasma treatment, and corona discharge treatment provide hydrophilicity, making it possible to bond to other products and materials.


- Thin-walled tubing and heat shrink tubing with inner diameters from several mm to 100mm and wall thickness of several tens of microns.
- A heat-shrinkable type that allows for tight elongation control and consistency according to the application.
- Products with added functions such as inner surface adhesion, conductivity control, and ultra-thin wall.


- OA equipment
- Rotary presses
Thin-Walled Tube with Inner Surface TreatmentThin Wall Heat Shrink TubingAdhesive Thin-Walled Tube
Main MaterialPFA or FEPPFA or FEPPFA
Outer Diameterφ10~50φ8~15φ25~50
ConductivityCompatiblePlease Consult-
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