Junkosha Fluid Transfer Tubing

Fluoropolymer Tubing

Junkosha Fluoropolymer Tubing offers excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, and cold temperature resistance. In addition, our High Barrier PFA Tubing uses high-purity PFA for the inner layer construction and barrier fluoropolymer for the outer layer construction. Our High Barrier PFA Tubing is ideal for chemical liquid piping because this barrier fluoropolymer used for the outer layer significantly suppresses the permeation of chemicals such as hydrochloric acid in comparison to conventional PFA tubes.


- Superior heat and cold resistance.
- Inert to most chemical agents and solvents.
- Superior weathering resistance prevents change over time.
- Non-adhesive properties.
- Maintains transparency over an extended period of time.
- Flame resistant.
- Superior electrical properties.
- No risk of toxic substance dissolution.


- Tubes for semiconductor, liquid crystal, and organic electroluminescent panel manufacturing equipment
- Tubes for solar cell panel manufacturing equipment
- Tubes for chemical plants
- Tubes for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing
- Equipment that requires heat resistance, high insulation, and high frequency properties
- Tubes for painting equipment
- Tubes for printers
- Tubes for dental equipment
- Tubes for centralized lubrication equipment
- Tubes for analysis devices
PFA TubingFEP TubingPFA Coil TubingHigh Barrier PFA TubingHyper PFA Tubing
Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa)<0.48~2.4<0.68~2.4<0.78~2.4<0.45~1.6-
Operating Temperature Limit-65~+180°C-65~+150°C-65~+180°C-65~+180°C-
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