Junkosha Heat Exchanger

Fluoropolymer Heat Exchanger Immersion Series - Tubing Coil Type

The semiconductor field as well as chemical, pharmaceutical, and steel plants require heat exchangers that can be incorporated into various processes and withstand harsh conditions (such as corrosion, temperature, pressure, staining resistance, and durability).
To provide the properties which satisfy the demanding requirements of such a wide range of markets, Junkosha developed high-performance, high-quality, high-durability fluoropolymer heat exchangers based on our wealth of experience and unique processing technology accumulated over many years.


- Heat exchangers, which use fluoropolymer tubes with an outer diameter of φ10mm and an inner diameter of φ8mm for heat transfer tubes.
- Outer processing fluid side (tank side) uses high-purity PFA.
- Select from three different fluoropolymer tubes and two different installation methods according to your purpose of use.
- Heat transfer area can be set by changing the tube length/number of coils.
- We offer a range of stainless (SUS316), PPS, and fluoropolymer end connectors.
- Superior tensile strength, shock resistance, abrasion resistance, and other mechanical properties, with operating pressure and pressure loss improved significantly.


- Pickling tanks
- Plating baths
- Etching tanks
- Various manufacturing processes for semiconductors, printed circuit boards, electronic components, etc.
Heat Transfer TubePFA TubeHigh Barrier PFA TubePFA Tube with Conductive Filler
Tube MaterialPFAHigh Barrier PFAAntistatic PFA
Tube Size10mmX8mm10mmX8mm10mmX8mm
Maximum Operating Temperature (Saturated Steam)158℃158℃158℃
Maximum Operating Pressure (23℃)0.78 MPa0.78 MPa0.78 MPa
Main UsesHot Water / Cooling WaterWater VaporHot Water / Cooling Water

Working Pressure by Temperature

The Heat Resistant Temperature of the Heat Transfer Tube is + 180℃. [Breaking Pressure at A Certain Temperature] = [Breaking Pressure] x [Graph Correction Coefficient] Use at A Working Pressure of 1/4 or Less of The Breaking Pressure for Each Temperature.
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