Junkosha’s Brass Fittings include box nut tightening torque-type fittings.
We have two lines: a metric series and an imperial series.
Both series meet the JIS B8381-1995 Pneumatic Fittings standard and can be used for automation, labor-saving equipment, and industrial robotics.
We also have a lineup of RoHS-compliant products.


- Our metric series and Brass Fittings (excluding handy-touch fittings and instant couplings) meet Japanese Industrial Standard B8381 for pneumatic fittings.
- Holding the tube insert and tightening with the sleeve/box nut ensures a secure connection (excludes handy-touch fittings and instant couplings).
- Handy-touch fittings and instant couplings are compact and ideal for saving piping space. They are also nickel plated to boost resistance against rust and prolong the lifespan.


- Pneumatic pressure piping
- Water pressure piping
- Hydraulic pressure piping
Brass Fittings
Main MaterialBrass
Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa)Conforms to Maximum Working Pressure of Tube
Operating Temperature Range Air-20~+60℃
Operating Temperature Range Water (Oil)0(-20)~+60℃

If the operating temperature range of the tube is within the operating temperature range of the fitting, give priority to the operating temperature range of the tube.

Recommended Tightening Torque for Pipe Screws

R (PT) Screw
Tightening Torque
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