Junkosha’s coil tubing is used as piping for movable parts in many industrial products, including pneumatic equipment, centralized lubrication equipment, dentistry equipment and industrial robotics. In addition, it enables previously-separated pneumatic and electric circuits to be integrated on a single line.


- Coiled polyurethane tubing perfect for centralized piping in extendable parts
- Mechanically strong, with superior abrasion resistance
- Flexible and highly resilient to impact
- Combines polyurethane tubing for pneumatic pressure and noise-reducing shielded wire into one unit
- Air and electric signal circuits can be condensed to a single line. Coiling provides plenty of flexibility and expandability
- Built-in shielded cables with superior flexibility are shielding cables with superior bendability using the technology acquired in developing special computer wires


- Tubing for movable and expandable components/equipment requiring pneumatic pressure and electrical signals
- Industrial robotics
- Air tools
Round Coil TubingMechatronic Coil TubingShield Mechatronic Coil TubingAir Coil Tube Set
ShapeMulti-Core CoilMulti-Core CoilMulti-Core CoilCoil with Fittings
Built-In Electric Wire-High Flex WireHighly Bent Electric Wire with Shield-
Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa)<0.6<0.6<0.6<0.7
Operating Temperature Range (Air)-20~+60°C-20~+60°C-20~+60°C-20~+60°C
Operating Temperature Range (Water)0~+50°C--0~+50°C
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