Junkosha Flat and Coil Tubing

Coil Tubing

Junkosha’s coil tubing is used as piping for movable parts in many industrial products, including pneumatic equipment, centralized lubrication equipment, dentistry equipment and industrial robotics. In addition, it enables previously-separated pneumatic and electric circuits to be integrated on a single line.


- Coiled polyurethane tubing perfect for centralized piping in extendable parts
- Mechanically strong, with superior abrasion resistance
- Flexible and highly resilient to impact
- Combines polyurethane tubing for pneumatic pressure and noise-reducing shielded wire into one unit
- Air and electric signal circuits can be condensed to a single line. Coiling provides plenty of flexibility and expandability
- Built-in shielded cables with superior flexibility are shielding cables with superior bendability using the technology acquired in developing special computer wires


- Tubing for movable and expandable components/equipment requiring pneumatic pressure and electrical signals
- Industrial robotics
- Air tools
Round Coil TubingMechatronic Coil TubingShield Mechatronic Coil TubingAir Coil Tube Set
ShapeMulti-Core CoilMulti-Core CoilMulti-Core CoilCoil with Fittings
Built-In Electric Wire-High Flex WireHighly Bent Electric Wire with Shield-
Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa)<0.6<0.6<0.6<0.7
Operating Temperature Range (Air)-20~+60°C-20~+60°C-20~+60°C-20~+60°C
Operating Temperature Range (Water)0~+50°C--0~+50°C
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