Junkosha Fluid Transfer Tubing

Nylon Tubing

Junkosha offers an extensive lineup of products incorporating various materials, sizes, and shapes covering a range of operating pressures, operating fluids, operating temperatures, installation conditions, and expected lifespans. Our products are used in many different industrial fields, including pneumatic equipment, centralized lubrication equipment, dentistry equipment, and industrial robotics.


- Superior mechanical strength, alongside particularly excellent pressure, abrasion, and bending fatigue resistance.
- Exceptional heat and cold resistance.
- Excellent flexibility.
- Excellent oil resistance and chemical resistance (especially alkaline resistance).
- No risk of toxic substance dissolution.
- Lightweight with excellent usability.
- Flexible or extremely flexible nylon tubing coiled for superior elasticity.
- Layers of flame-resistant resin for outstanding durability against sparks and impacts.
- Excellent flexibility and superior water resistance.


- Tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
- Tubes for centralized lubrication equipment
- Tubes for painting equipment
- Tubes for chemical plants
- Air tools such as air drivers and air hammers
- Tubes for the water and air lines of spot welding robots and clamping jigs
- Tubes for pneumatic equipment
Soft Nylon TubingHigh Pressure Resistant Nylon TubingExtremely Soft Nylon TubingSoft Nylon Control TubingSoft Nylon Coil Tubing
Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa)<1.1~2.4<2.6~4.4<0.78~1.2AC1: <2.1 、AC2: <1.4<1.2
Operating Temperature Range Air-20~+70℃-20~+80℃-20~+60℃-20~+70℃-20~+70℃
Operating Temperature Range Water/Oil0(-20)~+70℃0(-20)~+70℃0(-20)~+50℃0(-20)~+60℃0(-20)~+60℃
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